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As a liquidation store, we are able to offer lower prices than any other flooring retailer in DFW for flooring we carry! We purchase discontinued and secondary inventory from all major flooring manufacturers to offer our customers the best quality floors in the market at a fraction of the cost. Come to our showroom or get an in-home estimate so we can help you find the flooring that is right for you at a low price!

The manager and sales reps were all very helpful and patient as we decided on our selection for carpet and wood flooring. They also allowed us to buy our own tile and they installed it at a reasonable price. They even removed and reinstalled the toilet for us. They took care of everything. There is a pretty good selection and product quality is good and a great prices, especially the carpet.

Mary Beth Battey July 11, 2017

Discount Tile in Dallas & Fort Worth Tx

We are honored to provide our services in Dallas & Fort Worth Tx for so many years. Our team has earned a reputation for outstanding work among tile stores in Dallas and Fort Worth Tx. With a broad range of expertise in ceramic tile in Dallas Tx and Fort Worth, we’re qualified to handle any of your Tile flooring projects. Our technicians are highly trained in wood, backsplash, travertine, porcelain, mosaic, glass and ceramic tile and also tile installation in Dallas and Fort Worth.

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We are honored to provide our services in Dallas & Fort Worth Tx for so many years. Our team has earned a reputation for outstanding work for Carpet installation in Dallas and Fort Worth Tx. With a broad range of expertise in carpet flooring in Dallas Tx and Fort Worth, we’re qualified to handle any of your carpet flooring projects. Our highly trained technicians install most types of carpet floorings.

Tile flooring

Unless you are looking at higher priced granite or marble, in general there are 3 common types of tile: ceramic, porcelain and white body.

Ceramic tile is usually the most popular option for anyone shopping for price since it will pretty much always be less expensive than both porcelain and white body. Ceramic tile is made of clay and it is fired in a kiln before the glazing is put on top. The glaze of a ceramic tile is only applied to the surface unlike porcelain tile that has the pattern throughout. Ceramic tile can be good for do it yourself projects because it is not as strong as other types of tile and it is easier to cut. However, because it is not that strong it is not recommended for high traffic areas where it there could be excessive wear and tear or outside since they cannot stand up to freezing temperatures. Ceramic tile can be used for both floors and walls.

Porcelain tile is similar to ceramic tile in that they are both made out of clay. Porcelain tile however is generally considered higher quality than ceramic because it is more durable and the color design is infused throughout the tile from top to bottom. Due to its higher durability and low water absorption porcelain tile can also be used outdoors.

White body tile could be called a combination of both porcelain and ceramic tile. It absorbs more water than porcelain tile but less than ceramic. Similar to ceramic tile, white body tile does not do well outdoors when subjected to freezing temperatures. These tiles commonly look like either normal ceramic or ceramic hardwood tile.


There are many factors that influence the appearance of your tile and there are an abundant variety of textures, colors and patterns to choose from. Glazed ceramic tiles can have different stains and typically have a matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. Porcelain tiles can even replicate different textures and colors of natural stone. Some common styles of tile are marble, slate, travertine and granite. You can further customize your tiling floor by the shape and size of tiles you decide to use. Tile manufactures create patterned tiles allowing you to create beautiful designs within a room. Another factor that will change the way your floor looks is the grout. The grout is the cement that is used to hold the tiles together. You can personalize your tile floor even more by choosing the color and thickness of your floors grout. Even though some of these factors may seem small they all influence your floor’s final look!


Sometimes choosing the right flooring for your home is easier than it sounds! Even though choosing the style and finish of your flooring is very important, choosing the right flooring type for each of your rooms can be the real task. These are a few factors to consider when choosing your flooring.



Tile flooring is most commonly seen in kitchens and outdoors due to how easy it is to clean and maintenance and since it can be cold to the touch which makes it uncomfortable for bedrooms and common areas.



Tile is considered one of the most durable types of flooring because of its resistance to scratches, spills. However, an improper installation may result in moisture seeping below the tile and cause cracking.


Pets & kids

Tile is one of the most durable types of flooring and is scratch and spill resistant. This makes is a great option for families with pets and kids. More porous tile like marble may require more maintenance.


floor care

Tile is very easy to take care of! If being used as an outdoor flooring most dirt can be removed by simply spraying the tile flooring down and then removing excess water with a broom. When used inside mop regularly.



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Carpet & Flooring Liquidators is dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction and we know that you’re not done getting the perfect flooring until it has been installed and you can see it in full effect! We offer our customer’s free in-home estimates and competitive prices on installation to help them through the floor buying process. Our professionals will come to your home with samples of flooring you are interested in and take measurements of the rooms you will be re-flooring to give you an expert estimate. Throughout the process we are always available to answer questions. Contact us now!

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