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As a liquidation store, we are able to offer lower prices than any other flooring retailer in DFW for flooring we carry! We purchase discontinued and secondary inventory from all major flooring manufacturers to offer our customers the best quality floors in the market at a fraction of the cost. Come to our showroom or get an in-home estimate so we can help you find the flooring that is right for you at a low price!

The manager and sales reps were all very helpful and patient as we decided on our selection for carpet and wood flooring. They also allowed us to buy our own tile and they installed it at a reasonable price. They even removed and reinstalled the toilet for us. They took care of everything. There is a pretty good selection and product quality is good and a great prices, especially the carpet.

Mary Beth Battey July 11, 2017

Discount carpet in Dallas & Fort Worth Tx

We are honored to provide our services in Dallas & Fort Worth Tx for so many years. Our team has earned a reputation for outstanding work providing Carpet installation in Dallas and Fort Worth Tx. With a broad range of expertise in carpet installation and wholesale carpets in Dallas Tx and Fort Worth, we’re qualified to handle any of your carpet flooring projects. Our highly trained technicians install most types of carpet floorings.

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We are honored to provide our services in Dallas & Fort Worth Tx for so many years. Our team has earned a reputation for outstanding work for Carpet installation in Dallas and Fort Worth Tx. With a broad range of expertise in carpet flooring in Dallas Tx and Fort Worth, we’re qualified to handle any of your carpet flooring projects. Our highly trained technicians install most types of carpet floorings.

Carpet flooring

All types of carpet flooring are pretty similar since they are all composed the same way with fibers looped through a backing; however, the similarities end there. You can personalize your carpet in many different ways starting with the type of fiber your carpet is made of. Both natural and synthetic carpet fibers are commonly used and each boasts its own advantages. Natural fibers like wool offer deeper, richer looks and are more resistant to dirt and dust because of their tightly packed fiber. On the other hand synthetic fibers like Nylon and Olefin are best known for being more spill and moisture resistant.

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There 4 main components to any carpet’s style are: fiber, pile, density and texture. The fiber is the type of material that a carpet is made of. Pile is the thickness of a carpet and refers to the height of the fiber used. Density is a measure of how closely packed a carpet’s fibers are; higher densities usually mean higher durability. The texture of a carpet refers to how the fiber is looped through the backing. Texture more than anything determines the look and feel of your carpet. The two common carpet textures are cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile carpet has it’s fibers cut evenly across and the fibers are only looped through the backing. Loop pile carpet is uncut and is a continuous strand of fiber that is looped both on top and through the backing. There are also carpets that use combinations of the two.


Sometimes choosing the right flooring for your home is easier than it sounds! Even though choosing the style and finish of your flooring is very important, choosing the right flooring type for each of your rooms can be the real task. These are a few factors to consider when choosing your flooring.



Carpet is one of the most comfortable flooring options and which makes it great for bedrooms or common rooms where you may be barefoot or have pets hanging around. Do not use anywhere there is moisture.



Carpet is not a flooring known for its durability since it is prone to staining and capturing moisture and odor. High density carpets are more durable since the tightly packed fibers offer more resistance.


Pets & kids

Carpet can be an extremely difficult flooring to maintain with pets and kids. Carpet's are prone to staining and trapping fur and odor. Pet nails may also snag on carpets with looped fibers.


floor care

Always treat spills and stains immediately since the longer they sit the harder they are to clean. When cleaning remove as much solid waste as possible with a vacuum cleaner before applying cleaning solvents.



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Carpet & Flooring Liquidators is dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction and we know that you’re not done getting the perfect flooring until it has been installed and you can see it in full effect! We offer our customer’s free in-home estimates and competitive prices on installation to help them through the floor buying process. Our professionals will come to your home with samples of flooring you are interested in and take measurements of the rooms you will be re-flooring to give you an expert estimate. Throughout the process we are always available to answer questions. Contact us now!

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